Culture, heritage, events

Turning to the EFDR

  • Concerning the 2014-2020 programme, management projects and natural risk prevention projects can be funded in accordance with line 09: “promote innovation company competitiveness at the service of economic development and employment”. The 14-20 EFDR budget for the Saint-Martin area is now exhausted. 
  • Concerning the 201-2027 programme, the new possibilities for funding will be published on this page once programmes are approved (during the first three months of 2022). You can already fill in a form and a letter of intent in relation to the 21-27 EFDR funding in order to tell the department what your needs are and to make your expenses eligible should you wish to start your project before you pass before the commission (before your project is approved).

Turning to the INTERREG Caribbean programme

If my project involves cooperation and covers various Caribbean areas, the INTERREG Caribbean programme can be a source of funding. The INTERREG Caribbean programme must include at least one partner within the project presented. Two types of partnership are taken into consideration:

  • a cross-border dimension concerning project promoters located in Guadeloupe or Martinique only together with a partner from the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States);
  • a cross-border dimension concerns project promoters located in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique or Saint- Martin only together with a partner from the Greater Caribbean.

Regarding the 2014-2020 programme, projects in the fields of culture, heritage and events can be funded in accordance with the following lines: 

  • Lines 5 (TF) and 6 (TN): protect and value the natural and cultural environment in the Caribbean.
  • Specific goals 7 (TF) and 9 (TN): better protect and value the Caribbean natural heritage by implementing joint strategies and tools.
  • Specific goals 8 (TF) and 10 (TN): increase the touristic attractivity of the cooperation area by jointly valuing its natural and cultural heritage.

Concerning the 2021-2027 programme, details will be updated as soon as the new programme is published.