What is INTERREG V-A Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten ?

European territorial cooperation (ETC), better known as INTERREG, is part of the “Europe 2020” strategy, which aims to stimulate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and enable Member States to ensure high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.

The territory of Saint-Martin is eligible for two ETC programmes:

The European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programme INTERREG Caribbean for the period 2014/2020, which enables cooperation between four French outermost regions (Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique and Sint Maarten) and some forty third countries and overseas countries and territories in the Caribbean basin (OCTs)


the European Territorial Cooperation programme CTE INTERREG V-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten for the period 2014/2020 which concerns cross-border cooperation between the French outermost region of Saint Martin and the Dutch Overseas Country and Territory (OCT) of Sint Maarten.

To find out more about the programme and its progress, please download the INTERREG Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten 2020 citizen’s summary here

INTERREG V-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten in figures

Two European funds contribute to financing cooperation projects in that area: the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), used as part of the INTERREG and intended for EU project holders and the EDF (European Development Fund), intended for non-EU project holders.

INTERREG V-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten received a € 10 million budget from ERDF and a € 7 million one from EDF. To date, the residual value of the EDF budget is € 200,000, this allowance being uncommitted, and the residual value of the ERDF budget is € 9 million after the compulsory release (withdrawal of the funds by the European Commission) enforced for the year 2019.

INTERREG V-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten governance

The managing authority for this programme is the Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin préfecture, which also hosts the joint secretariat for this programme. The Managing Authority is responsible for the governance and implementation of the programme, the joint secretariat assists the Managing Authority by ensuring the administrative and financial execution of the programme (appraisal, archiving, communication etc.).

This programme was approved on 15 December 2015 by the European Commission and is the first specific European cross-border cooperation programme between Saint-Martin (European outermost region or OR) and Sint Maarten (European overseas country and territory or OCT).).

The Managing Authority with its partners, the collectivité of Saint-Martin and the government of Sint Maarten, have jointly decided with the approval of the European Commission to carry out 3 projects of public interest on this programme :

  • The creation of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) on the territory of Sint Maarten to treat the wastewater of 14875 inhabitants on both sides of the island. Once operational, this new infrastructure will allow an economy of scale compared to the construction of two separate plants.
  • A project to protect and enhance Simpson Bay lagoon, one of the largest inland lagoons in the Caribbean, which extends over both territories. This programme includes the removal of wrecks from the lagoon following Hurricane Irma and a management plan for the water body.
  • A flood prevention project in the Belle Plaine cross-border catchment area, an area that has already suffered significant damage due to recurrent flooding.s.

INTERREGV-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten lines

The Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten INTERREG Operational Programme (OP) addresses the following investment priorities:

Priority no. 1: Improving the level of water and sanitation infrastructure (environmental protection Axis 1)

Priority no.  2: Preservation of the environment (Axis. 1)

Priority no. 3: flooding risk management (Axis 2)

Life cycle of an INTERREG V-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten project

INTERREG V-A Saint Martin/Sint Maarten European Territorial Cooperation ETC

Apply for grants

It is no longer possible to apply to this 2014-2020 programme for cooperation projects due to the projects already included in this programme. For your cooperation projects, please visit INTERREG Caribbean here.

Information for project leaders

This programme will not be continued for the 2021-2027 period.

For your cooperation projects, please visit INTERREG Caribbean here.

Information for beneficiaries

Beneficiaries must abide by the European branding and publicity requirements.

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