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Total amount : 714 050,00€
Grant amount : 354 550,00€

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Thematic : Research, innovation and health

This operation consists in conducting surveys prior to the creation of a new waste-processing and -repurposing unit in Saint-Martin.

This project is part of a global reflection on sustainable modernisation of waste-processing, specifically via: 

  • strengthening sorting and recycling tools;
  • implementing an energy waste-repurposing unit, thus limiting the burying of waste in that area as much as possible and contributing to this area’s energy autonomy.

These preliminary studies will enable to certify technical processes and the innovative contractual control considered for the best repurposing of waste already buried.

Through permanently developing activities and employment, the finalised project will also enable to ensure the competitiveness of the company VERDE and medium- and long-term.

This project also aims at creating jobs, promoting skills, preserving the environment by limiting pollution, preserving natural resources and producing renewable energy.

For this operation, whose total amount is € 714,050.00, Verde SXM received a € 354,550.00 EFDR subsidy.


December 2019
March 2022


Cul-De-Sac / l’Esperance