2014 - 2020

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Total amount : 1 714 848,99€
Grant amount : 1 000 000,00€

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Thematic : Transports

Saint-Martin island is divided into a French territory and a territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Sandy-Ground bridge, a mobile structure, is the only partially French access road for vehicles and pedestrians coming from Sandy-Ground districts, from Nettlé Bay and the Lower Lands. It allows crossing over the single access channel connecting the lagoon with the sea on the French side.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria deeply affected this bridge; therefore, its rehabilitation thus meets local needs for reconstruction.

This operation aims at renovating this mobile structure and making it standard to ensure its functions to be permanent in terms of importance for road and sea traffic. It also aims at rearranging existing equipment allowing pedestrians to move about safely.

This operation specifically includes:

  • replacing the mobile span and the lifting structure,
  • replacing all electric installations,
  • renovating hydraulic installations,
  • rebuilding the control cabin.

For this operation the total amount of which is € 1,714,848.99, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin received a € 1,000,000 EFDR subsidy and self-financed the rest for € 714,848.99.


May 2020


Sandy Ground

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