2014 - 2020

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Total amount : 237 053,99€
Grant amount : 154 084,70€

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Thematic : Culture, heritage, events

IOTV is Saint-Martin’s local television channel chosen by the CSA [the French TV and radio regulatory body] in March 2015. It broadcasts on digital TV and on cable operators covering this area.

The channel daily programmes last 17hrs30 (6:00 to 23:30), local information taking up significant time, with local news, news bulletins and live shows.

The goal of this project was to enable the inhabitants of the various districts and the different cultural communities to get to know one another through debates and discovery programmes.

Post-Irma, it was necessary to move the company premises: additional works were required, which caused the cost of this operation to increase.

This operation enabled IOTV to get a television studio with filming units and an automated broadcasting control room.

For this operation, IOTV received a € 154,084.70 EFDR subsidy when this operation’s total amount is € 237,053.99.


January 2016
June 2020