2014 - 2020

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Total amount : 474 985,21€
Grant amount : 175 744,53€

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Thematic : Transports

Prior to this operation, the Colombier crossroads appeared almost as a right angle, which represented an obstacle for and a danger to sound traffic, specifically heavy goods vehicles and machines.

Therefore, this operation was all about securing the place to decongest traffic in that area thus contributing to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

It also allowed to reorganise a road junction, which caused traffic to slow down before entering Marigot.

Works performed:

  • road expansion
  • creating pavements
  • repairing street lights
  • processing rainwater 
  • burying electric cables

For this operation the total amount of which is € 474,985.21, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin received a € 175,744.53 EFDR subsidy and a € 227,992.90 State subsidy.


October 2016
April 2017



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